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Spot Trade (Buy now, pay now)

If you have the funds available and wish to exchange all or part of them immediately, you can enter into a Spot trade. Spot trades can be secured by telephone, or alternatively via email. Spot trades are settled on receipt of cleared funds.


Forward Trades (Buy now, pay later)

NU Currencies offers clients the ability to fix exchange rates, for buying and selling currencies. This hedging tool is called a Forward Contract and can be fixed up to 12 months in advance or used when needed between agreed window dates.

Forward contracts help companies mitigate the risk of currency fluctuations by protecting key levels. It also helps you to manage your working capital, by not having to pay for the full amount of currency immediately.

You can take delivery of all the foreign currency at once, or drawn down smaller amounts as you need them, up to the amount of the value of the contract. A refundable deposit may be required, depending on the risk of the commercial requirement. If the rates move against you, you may need to top up the deposit.


Market Orders (Pick a rate)

A market order is an instruction given verbally or in writing for NU Currencies to purchase or sell a specific amount of currency at a pre-agreed exchange rate. Orders run 24 hours a day, in line with the currency markets and are often achieved in American / Asian trading sessions.

Market orders can be used to target a desired exchange rate (Limit Order) or to protect against adverse market movement (Stop Loss), or alternatively used together to trap the volatility. Orders can be cancelled at any time verbally, or via email.

Most of our clients use a combination of FX products to effectively manage and hedge the majority of their currency exposure.


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